Visible stop… Ang go

Sometimes life can throw you a curveball… The impact of your strike depends on the split second decision on how you are going to hit the ball. I have been of the field for a while.
Nothing out of the ordinary, just living and loving the new things in my life.
One of my recent realizations is visible dialog is about connecting… Which i suck at when it comes to JAM. What is special about connecting through social media is that i am getting feed back! This is why i want to pick the blogging up again. My voice is heared… Now lets make it visible!


The sketch that became reality.


Every day I come to the JAM garage, I am confronted with company growth. This natural evolution resulted in me giving up my spot to find a new space to jam in. About 5 years ago I was at an innovation fair where I got the dutch innovation for life institute TNO to invest in a stack of paper that could be regarded as its own table because of its height and size. The idea was to draw out any problem of passers by and share their revelations with others….without even using a fraction of the stack! Just now, this very evening, I came across the original sketch that sparked the inspiration that lead to the manifestation of the sketchtable or braintable… a mobile round visible discussion platform that spins out the most insane spirographics! The idea of this round mobile tabletop is to accelerate shared thinking while at the same time not making people to comfortable when standing arround the platform. This makes them think on the tip of their toes and reach visible consensus of the shared square that spins between them. According to experts this leads to short discussions & quicker discussions.

After being forced to use the ‘sketchtable’ out of pure mental necessity, I have started to prefer this prototype on wheels over a regular desk!


At the office we also have a stack of A0 paper donated by the Amsterdam chambre of commerce after the 2010 PICNIC in the westergasfabriek. This stack is not used for any fast drawing but instead serves as a large sketchblock. The big insight to be shared about bigger pages is simple… it gives you room to mentally explore even further because the canvas just doesn’t run out and is the ideal for creating shared overview with clients on the spot! Plus…. kids love it! But who wouldn’t love to just rip through a large piece of white paper with a big fat red marker…;) Kids art will follow!!!



When mixing XP with young talent within the walls of JAM you get a visual discussion on how far you can take a metaphor in a shared thinking process. Being designers the first thing we ask for is OUR constraints…OUR design frame that tells us how far we can go. This is what we need to be sure that we perform within the functionality of what our clients needs call for and how they will be best served in the now. Todays masterclass workshop, organized by our female strawberries Emma & Freya, was focussed on how we as visual thinkers translate our thoughts outside our usual comfort zone. How do we cope with a metaphoric outline that preps us to think in a specific solution mode… 

I will let Emma do her thing in post workshop synthesis and will post her findings asap. Until then Thsi is what I was glad to make of Adam Savages talk about understanding physics (or anything else). Tanx Jefta… for making me want to get my hands dirty!



great article on sketchnotes


Sketchnotes serve a few purposes:

They’re PERSONAL: They act as a visual journaling tool so when you attend a lecture, you can remember the bits of information and images that have meaning for you. Sketchnotes are also a great way to record your ideas and observations—these aren’t reporter’s notes, they’re your thoughts and interpretation of the subject matter as well.

They’re PUBLIC: Great sketchnotes create a “map” of the presentation that provides a visual summary for others to read and explore. More and more sketchnotes are shared online, giving people views into both the content that was being presented, as well as the point-of-view of the sketchnoter.

They’re PRACTICE: Sketchnoting hones your skills in observation & listening, distilling and structuring information, creating narratives, and—of course—rapid sketching.

Where does the emphasize in YOUR story lie?

talk @ servicedesignthink

After a long time of saying I wanted to tell the story, this is strangely enough the first time I get to tell something about “visual thinking” as a dutch pioneer in the field. It was great to see that the people liked the information. What I do need to do is work on the amount of information I give… its still too much. What this night did do was make me realize that a visual of the visual thinking landscape, giving a figurative an overview of the field, is something I will be working on as of this moment. Just to already share something:

Incredible account of visual thinking!

Check out the feed on this Facebook page… incredible! This guy alseo has a great account of all the reasons why to belive in visual thinking… If he keeps on publishing like this he will be ready for a great book pretty soon!
check out

5 sketching tips from leo

This is a great set of 5 tips that have been distilled from the notebooks of leonardo da vinci, with anattempt to descibe his character an genius.


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